About Music education, my thoughts

After going through the videos and lectures of the MOOC course mentioned before in this blog, I have been meditating to position myself about this interesting issue of Music education in the 21st Century. We have listened to the opinions of grounded music teachers and music professionals about technology in the music teaching world, and the various possibilities and alternative ways of teaching music nowadays around the globe, following different methods. The possibilities today are endless, fortunately. That is really good news.

To answer the question posed, I cannot help going back to the years when I started learning music. I was a kind of self-taught student as well, because traditional music teaching did not really fulfill my needs. It was simply not enough. I loved music, and it had become an extraordinary way of expression of my feelings, my soul… so I needed to explore more, to learn more….and I did not find that in the old fashioned way of music teaching in Spain back in the 80´s. I learned from investigating songs and chords from the music I liked. No one taught me that at school, but I learned simply because I had interest.

So my vision is that, to inoculate the love for music in students, both in elementary or high school, we need to awake the love and interest for music in them. Make music reachable to kids so that they can be soon playing the songs they like. After that, the interest on other music will arise.

I feel it would be stupid not to use all means at reach, including technology, to teach music to our kids. I would even encourage combining it – in a second phase- with the love for classical music and the theory behind it.



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