MUSIC TEACHING: Technology vs traditional methods


I would like to reflect today on the benefits and risks of using technology in music education.  The development of technology, including of course, technology regarding music education has been overwhelming.

On a very first approach, technology has opened the doors to music discovery and learning to absolutely everyone with an internet connection. Anybody in the world can access to the thousands of on line tutorials available in this area. You can learn about anything you like, piano, violin, music technology, recording skills… This alone is a huge revolution itself. If you have the will and passion, you can learn any aspect of music education you want.

Technology is here to stay and we need to make the best use of it. That is the point: What is the best use we can make of today´s technology for teaching music? In my opinion technology should be used as a tool for music teaching, a path rather than a final stage itself. This is basically because I feel we need to avoid making technology the very center of the learning itself and forgetting about music, as the core center of the object to be learnt. This is one risk we might me facing these days and we need to be aware.

An additional con, is that there are for sure many Music teachers who might not very familiar with music technology, and in these cases, the opportunities of improving the music teaching-learning experience might be lost.

Despite the clear and multiple benefits of technology in music education, traditional methods of music teaching need to coexist with the use of technology, especially to master an instrument. I find it hard to believe you can have a piano virtuoso for example, just by learning with technological methods. A human component in the learning career of a musician will always be necessary.

As William I. Bauer states in his research Music Learning and Technology we need to maintain the best of traditional while embracing the new¨. Indeed, as I see it, it should be all more a question of adding, of summing up, not a question of having to choose between the two.

Why should we choose when you can have the best of both methods?

Now, what do you think?



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